Why You Need A Buyer Agent

Dated: 02/19/2019

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What is the value of having a buyer’s agent?

*Experience.  It’s easy in our Google world to think that information alone is enough to navigate the waves of a complex process.  Would we enter a courtroom without a lawyer?  A business enterprise without an accountant?  Real estate is complex because your investment is large and lengthy.  Entrust it to an expert.

*Support.  A buyer’s agent protects your interests, keeping your information confidential, analyzing comparative house values,and negotiating from a position of strength and insight.  Your agent walks with you throughout the entire process, helping to reassure you while making the transition to the settlement table as smooth as possible.

*Free.  Because the seller pays the agent commission, you get all the experience and support at no cost to you.

Please let me know how I can serve you.  For more info about me,  visit my website.

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Roger has been a resident of Maryland for over 30 years. He brings a solid background in sales and customer service along with an expert knowledge of Frederick County and the local community. He is pa....

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