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Dated: May 25 2017

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One of my favorite TV shows is Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet. This show follows Pete Nelson and his extraordinary crew of builders. These guys build treehouses that are as nice if not nicer than some homes! The elaborate designs include amazing elements such as secret bookcases with passageways to private rooms, multiple levels and don’t forget the electricity and plumbing! You definitely won’t be “roughing it” in these treehouses and there are plenty of options to please anyone!

If you can’t afford to hire Nelson Treehouse and Supply you can always build your own! When you do, remember these tips from Nelson’s website.

1) Before you begin, make sure you have permission from neighbors or community!

2) The type of tree you select is important! Only certain trees are strong enough to support a large structure. In addition, don’t forget that trees grow in girth as well as height so you will need to save room for expansion and movement.

3) Make sure the tree is healthy and bug-free. You don’t want to do all that work only to have the tree die and the treehouse become unstable

4) Choose the right building materials. Use materials that will survive the outdoor elements.

5) Use your imagination and add elements you might find in your own homes such as a porch, windows or built-ins. Or be creative and add a slide or a swing. Be sure to explore treehouse designs to get ideas. Pete’s portfolio can get you started!

6) Treehouses do not have to be built up high. There are several gorgeous examples that are not high off the ground. This can make your job easier if you choose to build one yourself. Let your creativity flow!

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