Tips For Hosting Your First Thanksgiving

Dated: November 15 2018

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The holiday are a time for family and friends to get together and be thankful!  But, if you are hosting your first Thanksgiving, you may be feeling more stress than joy.  Here are the essential tips to making your first Thanksgiving dinner a stress-free success:

1. Never Turn Down Help:  The host typically makes the Turkey and Gravy.  But a potluck style Thanksgiving will take a lot of the work away from you.  Ask your guests to bring a side dish to share, and don't be afraid to delegate what each person should bring.

2. Make as much ahead of time as possible:  Consider making the turkey and gravy the night before.  Any other dish that can be mad and re heated should be made in advance.  This will increase the time you have to socalize and enjoy yourself, and decrease your stree day of.

3. Don't experiment with new recipes:  Stick to what you know!  When you are hosting guests you should stick to the recipes you know work.  Don't try something for the first time when you have a whole table to feed.

4. Start prepping early:  It's not just the food that needs to be prepped. You probably are pulling out serving dishes that need to be washed, or extra silverware, or counting your napkins to make sure you have enough. Do all of that the week before. Double-check your serving plates and utensils and iron your tablecloth, if needed! 

5. Set the table the night before:  Prepare your home for your guests the night before.  The less stress you have day of the better.

6. Have the cocktail ready: Have wine chilling in the fridge or a pitcher of sangria ready to be poured. If everyone has a drink in their hand, they won’t care if dinner is served an hour later than you planned.

7. Don't worry about appetizers: Thanksgiving is a huge meal! Don’t stress about appetizers. Ask someone else to bring one, or just put out some store-bought crackers and dip. 

8. It's OK to buy oarts of your meal: Know a great bakery? Buy a pie. Hate making gravy? Buy some from a specialty grocery. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying a few pieces of the meal, especially if it makes for a more relaxing day.

9. Make a time-line of everything that needs to be done:  Avoid last-minute overload by counting backwards from the time dinner is served and scheduling out prep time and oven time. This list can stick on the fridge or wherever you’ll see it. I also find it helpful to set alarms on my phone for really key moments, like putting the turkey in the oven. 

10.  Take time to get ready: And on that master list of events, schedule in time to primp or shower. You need to schedule it in — seriously.

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