The Real Estate Roller Coaster

Dated: 11/21/2019

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Some of you may know of my "real estate roller coaster" analogy.   I always tell my clients that you are now boarding the "Real Estate Roller Coaster" so buckle up and hang on tight because you are going to experience some emotional ups, downs, side-to-side's while buying and selling real estate.  But, my promise is that you will get off the ride in a couple of months and think 'wow, what a great ride!'   

What I fail to tell people is that I am NOT on this roller coaster with you.   I am the gal at the front of theme park who sold you the ticket and had you sign the liability waiver.   I am that teenage kid gently tugging on your safety bar...because that ensures safety (rolling my eyes).  I am the college student pushing the "go" button for the ride to start.  I am the technician who inspected the roller coaster that morning.  I am the clean up crew mopping up the throw up (gross!).  I am a part of the summer staff selling you some nachos and cotton candy.  And I am the owner of that theme park.   

I couldn't possibly be on the ride with you with all of my responsibilities to everyone in the theme park...but I have been on all the rides (employee perks), and I know you are going to be okay (and dare I say even have some fun)  if you trust me and follow the rules of park.   

Happy Riding (and please try not to throw up your nachos)! 

Written by Kat Royer

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