Restaurants Open On Christmas Eve In Frederick

Dated: December 22 2015

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For the past 3 years, I have hosted Christmas dinner.  It's pretty neat to have both my husband's family from PA and my mom come up from VA to celebrate with us in Frederick.  We even have our Canadian friend and her boyfriend come over to join the festivities.  Of course, this day of the year doesn't come without the usual family blunders - but really - that's what makes it kind of fun, right?  

I am the chef of the house making Chef Ramsey's beef wellington, ham, a plethora of sides and appetizers.  I love it - I dance around the kitchen while at least 2-3 family members ask if I need help which I first decline and then give-in only to request a menial task to be done so they stop asking.  

I love cooking my Christmas dinner, but I have throw the white flag and ask for mercy not to cook Christmas eve as well.  So, for your (and my) convenience - here is a list of restaurants that will be open Christmas Eve per Open Table: 

Family Meal, Isabella's, JoJo's Restaurant & Tap House, Mariachi Restaurant, Matsutake Sushi & Steak, Reina and The Tasting Room.  

Be sure to make your reservations!

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