Its Time To Declutter

Dated: March 6 2018

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Are you ready for some Spring Cleaning? It's time to reorganize your home room by room. It's time to leave winter behind and let the sunshine in.  Our project this month is to DECLUTTER. Creator of the Clutter Diet (

Lets begin with the Bedroom

  • For added storage, re-purpose a small dresser as a nightstand. In the additional drawer space you can put off season clothes, extra sheet sets, accessories and more.

  • Install a few hooks on the back of your closet door for last-minute changes without tossing items on a chair or bed.

  • Positions a deep basket at the foot of your bed to tidy throw pillows and extra blankets.

Quick tip: Place a small trash can near your nightstand to keep tissues, receipts, and price tags from littering your dresser or bedside surfaces.


Living Room:

  • Corral decor pieces on a tray so you can clear the surface quickly when entertaining.

  • Open Shelving requires the right mix of organizing and styling. Form follows function. Start by placing the necessary items on your shelves first, then pepper in a few stylish decor pieces and accessories where there is room. Anchor with weight.  Store large items on lower levels and heavier boxes and bins should always go on the bottom to prevent tipping. Coordinate containers for a cohesive look use vertical sorters in complementary colors or materials. Lastly, artfully arrange items. Ensure your collections look neat repeating the way you stack books, display collectibles and group items from shelf to shelf.

  • invest in a coffee table with shelves and drawers. Your coffee table can conceal blankets, books and more. And if its open on the bottom, just slide a basket underneath.

Quick tip: Stash a lint roller or dusting mitt in an end-table so you can swipe dusty surfaces while watching your favorite program on TV.


  • Maximize your storage. Outfit your medicine cabinet and vanity with organizers. Under the sink Mesh slide out Cabinet drawers are great for bottles and cans.

  • Store makeup brushes in an acrylic organizer and keep the counters clear with an under the sink caddy to hold hairdryer and other styling accessories.

Quick tip: Squeegee glass shower panels after each shower to reduce soap scum build-up. 

Laundry Room:

  • Install a clothes line so dedicates and workout clothes have a place to drip dry. If your short on space, try a basic rod with hangers or a collapsible style that is designed to tuck away.

  • Use a divided hamper so on wash days the family can quickly sort their clothes at drop-off so you do not have to do it later.

Quick tip: Each time you wash linens, take a hand towel from the pile and wipe away lint and dirt from the machines and shelves, then toss it in with the rest of the load.

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