Home Improvements That Increase Home Value Without Breaking The Bank

Dated: January 13 2016

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Do you have visions of marble counters and top of the line appliances in your fabulous kitchen remodel? Do you follow all the newest trends? Are you about to add a grand addition to your home?  

Well, if you are planning on listing your home for sale soon, you may want to reconsider the scale of some those updates. 

Here are 6 home improvement projects, that according to houselogic.com, have the best return on your investment.  

1.  Replace Your Front Door

    This is a great way to update your curb appeal!  In addition, your old exterior door could be a source of energy loss. A new door will improve your homes energy efficiency while giving your main entrance a fresh new look.

2.  New Siding

    Another improvement that will impress potential buyers before they even enter your home is replacing your siding. Older siding can lower your curb appeal and decrease your home's value. Replacing your siding will show buyers that your home has been well maintained. 

3.  The Kitchen Upgrade

     The kitchen is the space in the home where families spend the majority of their time together. Having a grand space with all the bells and whistles may be what you dream of, but the expense of a big remodel may not offer the best ROI. However, a minor kitchen remodel can be very effective.  One way to update while keeping costs down is to reface cabinets instead of purchasing new.  Counters, flooring and appliances can also be nicely upgraded with mid-range products and still offer a wonderful result. Your kitchen will feel new and updated without the huge expense of a major kitchen remodel.

4.  Decks and Patios

    Outdoor living spaces have increased in popularity. Adding a deck or a patio will extend your living space for a relatively low cost per square foot.   According to www.houselogic.com a deck or a patio can cost $8 to $35 per square foot vs. the $150-and-up per-square-foot cost of new addition.  Landscaping around your outdoor space will increase the value of this space even more!

5.  Turning an Attic into a Bedroom

    Is your home short on bedrooms? Wouldn't it be great to add more space with out having to add structurally to your home?  Converting an attic space to an additional room is a great way to take advantage of unused square footage. While you will need to follow building codes and get proper inspections, you wont regret spending the money to gain this additional space.

6.  Garage Door

    Garage doors get dents over time and can look faded, worn and tired, affecting your homes overall curb appeal.  If you are listing your home, consider replacing your old door with a new one. There are plenty of garage door options to choose from, including factory-finish colors, window options and decorative hardware.

Here are some beautiful examples of improvements that different clients of ours have done to improve their own property values! From kitchen updates to attic space additions, they were all good investments!

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