Get Your Home Ready For Vacation

Dated: 06/20/2018

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Summertime = Vacation!

While you are enjoying your summer trip to the beach, make sure your home is prepared to get along without you. Taking care of a few items prior to leaving will make your return that much sweeter. Here is our checklist of tasks to make your home vacation ready.

  • Contact information Leave your contact and travel info with a neighbor or a friend while away.

  • Get Pets Ready Reserve a spot at the kennel or hire a pet sitter.

  • Thermostat Turn the temperature up to save on your electric bill.

  • Unplug electronics and small appliances.

  • Water Turn off the water at the main shut off valve.

  • Lights Set a timer on a light while you are away. Think about installing a motion activated light by garage or front door.

  • Trash Don’t forget to take out the trash so it smells good in the house when you return.

  • Lawn Maintenance If you are going away for a while hire a lawn service to mow the lawn or trim bushes. This will make it look like you are home.

  • Car Park your car in the garage if you have one.

  • Mail and Newspaper Temporarily stop these or have a neighbor pick them up for you.

  • Doors and Spare Keys Make sure doors are locked and spare keys are inside while away.

  • Social Media Don’t announce that you are going on vacation. Wait to post vacation pictures until you return.

  • Leave a clean house Vacuum, change your sheets and clean. When you return you will be happy that your only chore is laundry!

If you do all this, you can worry free while away. In addition, upon returning, you will remember why you love being home – even if home isn’t at the beach!

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