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Dated: July 24 2019

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Image titleI have always been a huge advocate for educating and providing as many resources as possible to my clients!  I thought it may be helpful to give you a little more of my background as well as some other tools that will help should you ever be looking to relocate to Frederick or to another part of the world! 

I have worked with clients relocating from as far as Japan (that's my record), Switzerland, Germany, California, Texas, Washington state, Tennessee, the DC area, etc (the list goes on!) to just around the corner!  I don't think I mention enough that I have made the "around the world' move myself - my family and I used to live in Australia.  So long story shorty, I happen to be a transplant as of 9 years ago.  My husband and I fell in love with Frederick County.  It has a lot to offer!  I personally get the itch to travel more than I like to admit, so thankfully it's near 3 major/international airports.  Frederick is rural enough for my husband, and it still has a vibrant little downtown/historical district.  You will definitely love Frederick if you like "suburban-urban" charms! 

My point is that I completely understand the outsider-looking-in perspective and the big move ahead.  I truly get excited with helping people make these kind of decisions!  It is all about who you know and what resources they can share that can help you take that leap a little easier! 

Here is the tourism website that happen to sell me and my husband to settling down here:

Here are a few more links I think you may find important:  (keep in mind this is city, not county)  (county school information)   (more info on downtown Frederick and events)

I also highly recommend reading the local newspaper so you can get more localized news on the area:

PRO TIP: if you are narrowing down on a few neighborhoods, you need to check out that community's Facebook page!  You will find far more interesting information about what is going on in those specific neighborhoods in social media! 

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    Nice info. Good and practical. Thanks.

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