Fall Into Frederick

Dated: September 11 2020

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With the seasons on the verge of changing, it's hard not to get a little excited for that pumpkin spice and upcoming holidays.  It kind of marks one the final milestones of finally getting through this extraordinary year and moving on to the exciting new prospects and what must be a better year: 2021. 

Here are some things to get excited about in Frederick as we move ever closer to breaking out of 2020 - bImage titleut still enjoying the moment! 

1) Did you know there is a new movie theater that serves adult beverages in Frederick?  SIGN ME UP!  Date night, here we come!  Check out Warehouse Cinemas off Route 40.  https://warehousecinemas.com/

2) Speaking of movie theaters, the Frederick Fair Grounds will have a drive-in movie theater this Fall!  This is a 6 week endeavor every Friday. https://www.visitfrederick.org

3) It's pumpkin patch season!  Ahh, an outdoor activity that is perfect for social distancing!  Check out Gaver Tree Farms or Jumbo's Pumpkin Patch (plenty more, but those are two great starting points!)

4) Check out the Sunflower Festival at Winterbrook Farm in Thurmont!  It's such an amazing site for gorgeous photos and to sit and relax outside in great weather! https://winterbrookfarms.com/

5) Don't forget to support you local businesses downtown and around town!  Many restaurants are still offering outdoor dining - and the weather is really perking up to enjoy such niceties!  Shop local! 

Let's take a moment to enjoy all that we have this year!  It's never been a better time to live in Frederick

Written by Kat Royer

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