How To Work From Home During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Dated: 03/24/2020

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Many of us will be working from home over the next few weeks and practicing social distancing due the highly contagious Coronavirus. We’ve all see the Facebook memes, joking that at 8pm people switch from their day pajamas to night pajamas or that the commute from the kitchen to the home office was terrible! 

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These are hilarious!! But working from home is not always a vacation and it can be stressful! Working from home may make you feel isolated or worry about cut backs and financial strain. In real estate, realtors frequently work from home. However, due this pandemic even our agents may find that they are spending more hours at home, working remotely, and virtually previewing homes for clients instead of in person.

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Here is our guide on how stay sane while you work from home.

  • Shower, Brush Teeth, Get Dressed! In order to stay productive, treat each day as you normally would. You are not trapped on a desert island so put on some make up! You will be more productive and feel more professional if you are up and ready to face the day. Maintaining your normal routine will give you a sense of normalcy and help you to feel less isolated.

  • Sit at a desk or table. No lounging in bed. If you work from your bed you will be uncomfortable, hunched over and face certain backache. In addition, you could face carpal tunnel issues by not having your laptop in an ergonomic position.

  • Keep your work space tidy and clean. Your work area should be separate from household tasks. This will prevent you from getting distracted and maintain your productivity levels.

  • Check in with your boss. Constant communication via phone and email will help both to know that work is getting completed and nothing is lost in translation. Consider emailing a list of items you have worked on each day and things you may not have had time to finish.

  • Take breaks! Just as you would on a normal day at the office, you need to take time to stretch your legs and eat lunch. Some restaurants are still delivering. Consider placing a food order if you are tired of what you have at home.

  • Build in time after work for a work out. Exercise helps clear the mind. Go for a run or walk the dog. Your pooch will miss you when life returns to normal so enjoy this time together.

  • Lastly, don’t forget the kids. This is an uncertain time for kids who have an interrupted school year and are isolated from their friends. Have them FaceTime with family and friends so they can stay connected. Reassure them and help them to understand that this is temporary.

Eventually we will return to our old normal and be able to get back to our daily routines that are comfortable and reassuring. Until then, get up, shower, get dressed, and enjoy working from home!

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