Yard Maintenance Moves To Do This Fall

Dated: 10/02/2019

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We all are excited in the Spring to dig into our yards and gardens to get them looking good but the fall is a critical time to do maintenance to keep it looking good in the months to come.  Here are 7 tips to keep your yard well maintained. 

1. Keep from pruning your shrubs:

Picking up fallen leaves and shrubs is fine but curb the urge to prune them. It can create new growth and when the temperature drops you could harm the new growth. 

2. Add some Fall plants for color:

Chrysanthemums and burning bush add great fall color to your flowerbeds. You can even add some pumpkins and gourds to complete the look.

3. Using the right mulch is important:

Shredded bark and pine straw are best fall mulches. Pine straw is great for most acid growing shrubs like azaleas and rhododendrons.

4. Remove the leaves from the grass:

Removing dead leaves and plant debris helps eliminate pests, weeds and disease which can wreck havoc on your lawn.

5. Fertilize the lawn:

To stimulate root growth before the ground freezes, fertilize your lawn in October or November.

6. Spread some seed:

Spread some seed in the yard where you have bare patches. Fall is the best time because the ground is still warm and rain isn't as plentiful to wash the seed away.

7. Plant some bulbs:

Planting hardy bulbs and perennial shrubs in the fall is the best time. Planting in the fall gives the bulbs and plants time to root before the spring. 


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