Tips For Gardening In Maryland

Dated: 04/08/2019

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Oh HELLO Spring!!! 

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New-comers of MD, welcome to the various weather patterns of Maryland!   It's cold, then all of the sudden it is Summer!  Prime planting and gardening season will speed passed if you don't pay attention!  

Here are a few tips to help you with timing and planning for your garden based on my personal experiences of both enjoying the fruits of my labor and killing multiple plants at time...

WHAT TO DO NOW that temperatures are pretty steady/mostly above freezing at night:

- Focus on your grass!! It is certainly temping to buy the flowers at the garden center - but hold off a little longer!  Sometimes we do have a cold snap in April.  Now is the time to focus on foliage and grass.  My husband actually just raked the yard, put some additional top soil around our septic tank (which had to be dug up this Winter) and over-seeded. 

- Plan your veggie/herb garden.  Till your soil with grass clippings, compost, etc to prep the soil with nutrients! 

- Trim bushes and trees as needed 


- Starting buying those flowers!  Be prepared that we may still have some cooler evenings.

- Fertilize!  It's a great time to start feeding your plants so they flower well over summer!

- You can plant your your herb/veggie garden! 

WHAT TO DO MAY 15 (Or after Mother's Day)

- You are should be fully in the clear to plant to your hearts content!  

- Most of the trees should have released their seedlings and flower petals by now!  You should be able to mulch and have it looking fresh all summer! 

- Keep things watered and weeded as needed


Happy planting!  

Written by Kat Royer, Welcome Home Realty Group 


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