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Dated: 01/09/2019

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Being your best self for the New Year means healthy changes for many! If you find yourself struggling to get to the gym, use these tips to create a home gym in almost any space. You may be surprised how many different spaces in your home can be converted into a workout space.

· Large Basement Gym: Make use of your large basement by installing a home gym. You can use an unfinished section of your basement, or a finished bonus room not in use! Basements are the perfect place for cardio equipment like treadmills, bikes and elliptical machines.

· Garage Home Gym: A garage turned home gym has plenty of room for larger workout equipment and cardio. This is also a great place to practice boxing or lifting weights.

· Attic: An attic space can be converted into an extra space to do yoga, meditation, stretching, mat work or weights.

· Living Room: You would be surprised how easy it is to create a small storage area of workout videos, a mat and hand weights. Tuck this away and pull it out each day when you have some extra time. Working out in your living room to a workout video has never been so easy!

· Separate Home Gym: A detached garage or large shed can also be converted into a gym. This space can even be wired for electric so you can install lights and a TV! This is a great way to work out without the distractions of being "at home," but without having to leave your home.

· Spa Like Basement Gym: A basement with a sauna or steam room is a great place to add a spa-like workout area perfect for those who like yoga.

· Backyard: Weather permitting, a backyard is a great place to work out. Install a pull up bar or your very own American Ninga Warrior obstacle course. Swimming laps in a pool is also an excellent workout.

Don't let not being able to get to the gym a reason to not work out! Convert any of these spaces for a great workout space at home! 

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