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Dated: 09/19/2018

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As soon as she woke up on Labor Day morning, my wife began decorating for fall. She loves changing the scene with the seasons and I feel the need to share it. I was also curious, myself, on her process.

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My wife said that step one is to decide on whether or not there is a theme. She told me that it can be a theme that matches your year-round decor, an "in-style" theme, or even the classic theme. She prefers the classic theme for several reasons:

- New items that are red, orange, and brown are easier to find and match.

- The classic theme won't go out of style.

- All items are interchangeable.

- If we move, we won't have to worry about the items not matching our new home.

- But, mostly, "I like my fall decor to stand out," she tells me.

"PintereImage titlest is my... addiction."

I had to ask my wife how Pinterest influences her decor. She replied, "Pinterest is my... addiction. It's a good platform for the collaboration and sharing of ideas and how other people decorate. Pinterest and YouTube are also helpful for DIY projects." 

A YouTube channel is exactly what influenced this beautiful canvas my wife painted with water colors, which is now part of the ensemble on our overhang by the stairs. (YouTube channel: thefrugalcrafter Lindsay Weirich

"In my fall decor, I've incorporated nostalgic pieces from our families." The little village shown here is a perfect example of decor from the family; my Grandmother painted the Pumpkin House with my name above the door and a special note inside. The figures are definitely Halloween themed; but that will come soon, so there's no need to keep them tucked away. She said that decorating, itself, is also nostalgic for her; that she remembers decorating with her sister during the seasons and longs for those memories.

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My wife told me that pine cones are a "must have" for fall decor; partly because of the look, but mostly because they can be reused in the Winter Decor to follow. The pine cones depicted here are all from years past, but my wife tells me that she can't wait to grab some from around the neighborhood trees to add in our Christmas decor.

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There's nothing like a Pumpkin Spice candle to pull you into the season. Aromatics can accompany and compliment art in many ways. Certain scents may also trigger fond memories, adding to the nostalgia.  

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Please enjoy a few more pictures of our home's Fallsplosion by clicking this link: Pearson Fall Decor. If you have any questions for me or my wife, please don't hesitate to message me on my Facebook page, Ryan Pearson of Welcome Home Realty Group. I hope that a similar post on Winter Decor is well received. Happy decorating!

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